Safety at 9th Street BMX

If you are unfamilair with BMX trails, we kindly provide tips and advice so you may be charming at the trails.

OBSERVE. Watch what is going on. The trails flow in a certain direction, don't go against the flow. Please stay out of the way of other riders. You could get in someone's way and get hurt. This is especially important for kids, parents, & families. The nature of this sport is inherently dangerous. We build jumps for riders of all sizes and skills. We watch out for kids and rookies by providing advice and support.

RESPECT. Respect the hard work it took to build the place you are enjoying for free. Respect the land. Be nice and friendly to others. Appreciate the years and years of work it has taken to build 9th St. Respect the Locals. Respect those who dug here before you.

CONTRIBUTE. We don't ask that you dig or donate. However, if you spend alot of time at the trails we ask that you give back to the thing you love. There are other ways to show your trail support than with a shovel. You can just tell us we are doing a good job, shake our hands, a pat on the back. Please visit our Volunteer page.

9th street bmx trail map


  • Ride at your own Risk
  • BMX trails are not maintained by the city
  • Safety Equipment Highly Recommended
  • No Litter / Trash / Basura
  • No motorized vehicles by City of Austin Oridance
    • No RC CARS, helicopters or drones
    • No motorcycles, pit bikes, mopeds
    • No push or electric scooters
  • Clear the sidewalk - give perestrians the right of way
  • No Dogs off Leash
  • Do Not Ride in the Mud
  • If you want to help out, just ask
  • Do Not Destroy any Jumps / Vegetation / Trees
  • Follow the direction of the trails, don't go the wrong way
  • Do not climb on the jumps or stand in the lines/trails
  • No Fires, Camping, or Alcohol
  • Park curfew is from 7am-10pm
  • No unattended children
  • Stay out of the street