Non Profit Group

9th street bmx diggers union #512We are the official adopters of the 9th Street BMX at Duncan Park through the Adopt-A-Park program of City of Austin and Austin Parks Foundation. Austin Parks Foundation manages funds for park adopter groups to help improve local parks. Sponsored Fund Accounts allow APF to provide community groups with the tools they need to claim stewardship of their local park.

Through this program groups interested in improving a park, but that are not currently registered as a non-profit, can join into an agreement with APF so that funds designated for a particular park project can be donated to APF. Austin Parks Foundation, as a registered 501(c)3 non-profit, assists in fund raising efforts and receives charitable donations for the designated park project.

Benefits of this program include:

  • Funds are held by Austin Parks Foundation, removing the need us to set up a bank account.
  • Donors to your group or project may consider their gift a charitable donation for tax purposes.
  • Purchases made with the donated funds are exempt from sales tax.
  • Many grants require an organization to be a registered non-profit. APF can be the applicant on some grant applications, removing this barrier.

Collected donations to use strictly for the benfit of the park. We have made it this far without any donors, investments, or income. We will begin selling Offical 9th Street BMX products. This money will be kept in bank account overseen by our Treasurer. We will use this money to assist with City of Austin Park goals such as revegetation, additional benches, monthly public BMX trail workshops, free bikes for low income kids, etc.

By having financial support behind us we show the City of Austin that we are serious about improving our community. We have made a positive impact on thousands of members of the community. We have impacted the local economy is a very positive way over the past 25 years.